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I trust you are here because you constantly find yourself traveling, and hope to find new ways to sustain the travel!

Whatever it is, we aim to cover as much as we can here! Take this quiz to get 3 options of a personalised long-term travel plan by us, tailored to your criteria, working with visas and programs available to you.

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Restructuring Lives Through Travel

What we do: 

Due to the extreme luck we’ve had with managing to prolong our travels from an original backpacking and study abroad trip. We thought it would only be fitting to share all the resources and options we’ve stumbled upon along the way to affording and sustaining 4 years of full-time continuous travel. And YES, these are all options aside from landing a holy grail remote job. 

Perhaps one of the most non-confronting ways to get your foot in the door of long term, immersive travel is to explore the option of travelling for studies. Whether that be to study university abroad or study a language course. But aside from this, we can help you find your way into the following:

Our Services:

  • AuPair in Paris
  • Live in English Tutor
  • Relocation Services
  • Travel programs
  • Finding the right pathway to stay after the course finishes 
  • Finding jobs abroad 
  • Consultations for navigating visas, finding the right program, creative ways to stay abroad full time and bend the rules a little.  
  • Visa Information

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Relocation Services

Starting a new chapter abroad? Chat to us about finding the right destination, visa, pathway and resources to get there!

Au pair services

For cultural and language exchange. Nanny for a family or be a live-in English tutor. Options ranging from 3 months-12 months. Get paired with a French family in Paris!

Visa Information

Navigating visa options and the available visas to you. Read our guide to visa options for different countries and how we can help find you the one best suited to you.

About us

What we do and why we do it?

Are you looking to study abroad? Study at university? Study language? 

Are you looking to backpack for years-months and need a way to sustain yourself?

Are you on a strict budget? 

Would you like to be an AuPair to language exchange and have an international family? We can find you a family overseas! 

Are you a family looking for an AuPair from overseas to gain some cultural exchange in the process?

Are you a digital nomad looking to re-locate?

Are you retired looking to move somewhere sunnier or cheaper?

Are you already abroad and need help navigating visas, finding the right place to live, extending your stay or general help with finding ways to afford prolonged stays or making friends in foreign places?

Our website will take you on a look through all of these different approaches to travel and hopefully guide you into finding the thing that sparks your excitement and suits you most.

Still have questions afterwards? Or need a bit of guidance? No problem- take our travel quiz and this will be the first step in helping us guide you to where you want to go. That’s what we are here for. Looking past that- we will also be there once you have embarked on your journey, to guide you or assist you with any questions, issues or bureaucracy along the way. 

Take our travel quiz for us to understand you and your goals with travel, relocating or wanting a long term international experience. We will provide you with 3 tailored options for you to discover that match your aspirations. If you would like more guidance and us to help you plan and orchestrate an option- book a consultant call with us!

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